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Hi folks!

At last week’s post I said I was going to be talking about monotony. Ironically, not allowing monotony in my life, has allowed me to notice when flexibility is needed, such as this week. Within the last few years, this site has changed drastically. This is thanks to all of your suggestions, so I am very grateful for that. I wanted to create a section for you to be able to submit your suggestions, this way, I am able to consider them and continue to improve this site.

So, just go ahead and check out the video at the new Suggestions section (you may also click the image above) and let me know!

And that is all! Next week, I might be sharing a few additional updates, otherwise, I will be sharing more about how we are adding a lot of monotony in our lifes, as mentioned last week. Have a great week!


Much Love & Light.

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