Lucid Dreaming Induction


I prepared this meditation so you can have an aid to induce a lucid dream. This meditation is much more efficient if done after 3-5 hours of sleep. You will enter a very deep state of relaxation very quickly and it will create the right moment to induce a lucid dream. At the end of the meditation there will be just silence, until the recording ends. There is no “bring back” since the intention for you is to fall asleep and lucid dream.

This guided meditation comes with Theta brainwaves. These will help you reach a deeper level of healing and relaxation. It also comes with subliminal messages that will help as reach a deeper level of healing while surpassing blocks from fear and limiting self beliefs. This way, the most profound healing will occur within yourself.

Like in all my meditations, this one is combined with healing energy, positive affirmations, ambience music as well as the Theta Brainwaves.

  • Deep Relaxation.
  • Lucid Dream Induction.
  • Trance state.
  • Space Flight.
  • Positive affirmations.
  • Some may even astral project.

You can play a 30 seconds sample and get a feel for the sound of my voice and speed of speech:

Duration  30 minutes (9 minutes of relaxation.)
Goals Lucid Dream Induction.
Level Basic.
Subliminal Messages “I am healed.”

“I am happy”

“I am healthy”

“I accomplish what I manifest”

“I am joyful”

“I love my life”

“Everything is great”

Background: Ambience Music
IMPORTANT Don’t drive or use heavy machinery while using this Meditation.


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