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Today we are going to talk about the Heart Chakra. As you well know, the Heart Chakra is our fourth Chakra and is directly connected with unconditional love, empathy and emotional well-being. And today we are going to talk about these three aspects (and a few little things more). There is much more information about the Heart Chakra than you can imagine, and probably much more than I can imagine too! I will share with you some guidelines:

  • The Heart Chakra is vital for empathically connecting with other individuals, such as humans, animals, plants, gemstones/crystals, and good vibrating astral beings. You have read it well; this is one of the things that are overlooked in the Heart Chakra. As a medium, I can assure you that, to connect well with the astral plane and especially with the angelic plane, apart from an open Crown and Third Eye, it is vital to have the Heart Chakra open and protected.

  • The Heart Chakra helps maintain a healthy circulatory system. The Chakras, besides being centers of energies, are connected to important organs of the body and promote their well-being. Anyone who has a healthy Heart Chakra is much less likely to suffer from circulatory system diseases, thus enjoying a healthier life.
  • We all use the Heart Chakra much more than we imagine. A large part of this use happens at a subconscious level and although we do not realize it, we work around that. I am sure you have been on this situation where you meet a person and you think, “I do not like this person at all.” Maybe you do not understand why and you may not know anything about that person, but you do not understand why you may be so upset. This has a lot of different meanings at a spiritual level and one of them is the energetic perception of your Heart Chakra over others, where you perceive negative energy for any reason and feel the need to move away from that person.
  • People who have an open Heart Chakra often have much deeper and meaningful connections with other individuals. In fact, when two people with a healthy Heart Chakra connect, they can experience very deep and meaningful relationships. And that is not only in love (although it helps a lot) but also in friendships, family and even, professional connections.
  • In my own spiritual research and over the years, I have realized that the Heart Chakra is an energetic amplifier. It is said that when things are done with the heart, they come out well and successfully. There are many factors that help such as; the Law of Attraction, the passion and even the connections you have with other individuals. But one of them is because you have an open Heart Chakra. The energy of the Heart Chakra is very powerful, and it has a very high energy vibration. As you well know, when energy vibrates high, it attracts more positive energy and this will push us towards the path of success.


And this is only a small summary. But as you can see, having the Chakras in balance gives us many positive things. In fact, we have talked about other Chakras like the Solar Plexus. You can read more about it by clicking here. An easy and quick way to have the Chakras in balance is through guided meditation. You can find here a powerful meditation, which will bring you a balance of complete Chakras, and much more … Take a look.


In other blog post I told you how to protect the Solar Plexus Chakra. If you have lost it, you can see it here.

Well, we have reached the end! I hope you have enjoyed and learned a lot from the Heart Chakra. Next week I will talk about a very interesting topic, “karmic connections” and why we always connect with a specific type of person, why we cannot stop thinking about somebody or why we attract certain loops or recurring experiences. But all this and more, next week!


Much Love & Light.

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