Psychic Readings: The Right Way.

Hello everybody! How was your week? Today I will talk about something a little more technical, but at the same time very interesting, and that nowadays many need to know. The topic today is psychic readings and how to get the best results from them.

Today it is getting complicated to receive spiritual help, since there are numerous labels of different types of readings and each psychic has his/her way of working. However, I want to share some guidelines to keep in mind. You can apply them whenever you ask for a reading, no matter the psychic or healer who will help you:

  • The labels: Forget them. Everybody seems to be into labels right now and there are a lot of different types of readings. But this does not matter, the important thing is to put aside the labels and understand that you want spiritual help and not, “the angel reading of the black crow”. There is a whole entry about this, you can read it here. It is for this reason that I only offer THE READING, since sticking to a label or to a single source of information is unnecessary and even harmful to a reading.
  • Names, dates of birth, etc.: Unnecessary. This is something that perhaps many people may question. The most normal thing in a reading is to ask for the date of birth, place and time. This is necessary for astrological readings, but it is not necessary for a psychic reading. If you attend an Akashic Records reading course, you will find that it is very important to have the complete legal name to open the correct records. It might be useful for some psychics since they can connect with the energy of the name, but it is not mandatory. The Akashic Records are connected to the Soul of the person and not to his/her name (since this changes in each life, but the Records remain the same). This is the same if we connect with the energy of the person, or their spiritual guides.
  • Photos: A great help, but not mandatory. A photo is perhaps a more sensitive subject for some. For me they are not crucial, and for this reason you will have seen in my website that I do not demand photos since the readings can be done without them. However, a photo provides more help as there is a lot of spiritual information that can be seen through the eyes. This energy is easier to access and is much more available. A photo will simply make it easier for the psychic to read, but you can do the job without it.
  • Sharing information: Carefully. This is perhaps the most complicated, since it is difficult to find the exact line between what to report and what to keep. As you may have noticed, I never ask for extra information nor I needed to know your stories. To really give evidence and solutions to the question you have asked is the work of the psychic. It is important to ask the question clearly and directly, for example, “I have been offered a new job. Can you tell me what you see?” This question does not tell the whole story of the person, but it does bring a question with a very direct answer. You do not have to tell the whole story of the company, whether you like the job or that you have eaten that day. If the question is very open, such as “tell me about my work”, it is also possible to do the reading. However, if you want a specific response (as in the previous promotion example), you may receive another response. When we ask very open questions, we give our guides the opportunity to give us the messages we really need (and sometimes it may not be what we wanted to know initially). Therefore, a slightly more direct question is necessary, unless you want to receive a more open reading (which can be very productive).

  • Validations: During or after. It is very true that you should not “feed” the psychic before a reading. However, in the case of an in-person reading, by WhatsApp or Skype, it is always appreciated when the information received is validated. In case of a recorded reading, these validations are appreciated after the reading. I really cannot complain about this, I always receive many emails from you validating my readings, and that is much appreciated.


And really this is it, there are no more secrets. It is very simple, but over time things have been getting complicated. With these guidelines, you can find the best way to receive spiritual help. So, it’s time to say, until next week!

Next Wednesday I will share with you some of the other astral senses. It is quite interesting to eat “ghostly lays” haha. However, all this, next week. See you in a week!


Much Love & Light.

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