Inter-dimensional calls. Six steps to channeling.


Another Wednesday is here, and with that, a new entry! Let’s talk channeling. When you learn how to channel properly, you will notice that your life takes a shift. You will have a massive head start against any life challenges. Nowadays we have to deal with a fast paced and most of the times, aggressive society. We are required to take decisions with little to no time to properly think about them, despite some of these might make a major impact in our lifes. This could bring consequences short and long term.  With a quick interdimensional phone call we can solve these challenges beautifully.


We all have a Third Eye. Maybe some might have it more developed, but everybody has a Third Eye from which we can get plenty of help. You do not need to be a professional psychic in order to learn to channel. We all have a certain level of intuition and a Third Eye. With dedication, practice and passion, everybody can develop this amazing ability to certain extent. Think about it, even if you just get a “yes” from the Astral Plane, you can tell that you did indeed channel that “yes” and it came from the Astral Realm.


If you are able to control channeling, you will have amazing experiences. You can chat with your spirit guides, you can even channel your very own Akashic Records and your Higherself. You can also channel information from your subconscious and even chat with your loved ones in Spirit, who are looking over you.  If there is no ego, a true intent to connect and proper spiritual protection (especially to raise your vibrations) you will be able to channel any being of light and receive answers.


Don’t forget that there are plenty of meditations that can help you out to raise your vibrations and to enhance the energy in your chakras and aura. When your vibrations are high and your chakras are open, it will be much easier to channel. You can check out these meditations right here.

As I mentioned last week, learning how to clear your mind helps massively with your meditations. However, clearing your mind will greatly help you out with your channeling. I have a great manual that will teach you how to channel from scratch. Said manual has exercises, mantras and tips for you to master channeling the fastest, but with the best skill. I am going to share a small exercise that will help you realize that you can indeed channel more than you imagine. You just need to follow the following steps. Just make sure no one bothers you during your session. Make sure you have a notepad at hand. If you prefer to use a computer, make sure your text editing software is open and maximized. Do not get distracted.

  • Do a brief meditation in order to calm your mind. If you are able to silence your mind, do it (you can check out the technique in one of my Blog entries right HERE.
  • Visualize with light around you, like a bubble. Set the intention to receive information for your highest good from any being of light that might have a message for you.
  • Once this is done, sit in front of your notepad or text document. Start to write down everything that comes to you, without questioning it. It does not matter if you are typing stuff about doing the laundry, taking your kids to soccer or cooking for friends this weekend. Don’t question and just write, even if you know you are not channeling. At first, you will have many “interferences” as your brain is not used to this. Your brain will try to fill up the emptiness with something in order to write it down. This is in fact good, because once you write it down, your mind releases it, and it means something less in your mind that can get into the way of your channeling!
  • In some cases, especially at the beginning, it might be that you will no channel at all, but just write your memories. This is normal and each person has his or her own pace. Make sure to always thank your Spirit Guides as well as yourself for the time dedicated into this.
  • After 10-15 minutes or when you nothing that you are “getting nothing” end the session. Make sure to do some grounding exercises afterward.
  • Now is time to read it all. What did you find? Maybe it just looks like a shopping/chores to-do list, don’t worry! Day after day, with good practice, you will notice progress. Within a few weeks, you will notice that maybe you have channeled a few words here and there. Maybe even pieces of information, scattered around your “shopping list.” It will get to a point that you are only going to receive information from your Spirit Guides without any interferences! Your document will be 100% channeled.


As you can see, it is not that hard! This is just the beginning. With practice, you will archive mental channeling, which is your final goal. Once you get there, you will be able to mentally think about a question and getting an answer, instantly. You cannot even imagine how much will channeling impact in a positive way your life.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want a quick and direct development, you can get your own Channeling Manual. It is a 42 page manual full of information going to the deepest edges of channeling to get the most out of it. You can check it out clicking the image below:


And this is the end! I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed sharing. Next week, I am going to talk and share about the Solar Plexus chakra. This is a very powerful chakra that can change our ways to cope in life. I will share a powerful exercise that, many years ago, my spirit guides taught me and shifted my life immediately. You can’t miss it!


Much Love & Light.

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