Let’s talk Clairaudience.

Hello everybody! Last week we were talking about Clairvoyance and I gave you a general summary about all the psychic senses that help us to perceive the astral plane more clearly. If you missed it, you can read it by clicking here. There is a lot of information, so don’t skip it! Today’s entry is going to be shorter and more direct, since clairaudience is much more straightforward and simple to interpret.

Clairaudience is based on receiving direct messages from light beings and other sources of information. As the name indicates, the messages received arrive in an auditory form, and can give us the impression that they are speaking to us physically. As I told you last week, messages through clairvoyance can be very symbolic and need intuitive interpretation. However, the messages received through clairaudience are much more direct and clear.

As you well know, there is a very thin line between imagination and clairvoyance, and it is important to understand this for those whose main gift is clairvoyance. This is not so with those whose main gift is clairaudience. A message received by this channel is much easier to accept, because you will simply hear the message inside your head. To give you an idea, this “voice” resonates and rumbles inside your head. The voice you will hear will normally be with your own tone. However, when there is a certain level of development and an optimal connection with your spiritual guides, you will be able to hear different voices and identify them.

The message itself comes “out of nowhere.” It’s as if suddenly there’s a little man inside your head and he starts talking loudly. As with any “clair”, it is important to record any type of clairvoyant message, since it will be easily forgotten if it is not done. The entire message comes at the same time. That is why clairvoyant messages are generally rather short and direct.

Clairaudience is perhaps a little more “boring”, since the amount of detail and color that is received with clairvoyance is much higher. However, it sometimes entails great energy savings when receiving a direct message in 3-4 words rather than having to describe several visions received with clairvoyance. On a personal level, and as a clairvoyant, I think that clairaudience is an incredible support, but at least in my case, it is a anchor point for clairvoyance and claircognition. This changes depending on the person, but the most important thing is to meet “the clair” and develop your spiritual potential from there.

What did you think of clairaudience? For direct messages, it is best, but when you want to see something with detail, clairvoyance will be your best adviser. I hope you enjoyed this entry. Next week I’m going to talk about spiritual labels and why it’s so important not to focus on them. Do not complicate your life! But all of this will be for next week.


Much Love & Light.

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