Love silence? Read this extra soothing entry and quickly add it to your life!

Hi, folks 🙂

I want to “simulate silence” in today’s blog post. Don’t worry; it will not be a blank post, haha. But simple and like relaxing, I am visualizing peace and tranquility as I write this and as you read 🙂

I already shared in several past blog entries about our society being under constant stimuli. Also, about so much noise everywhere. So, this time is going to be the other way around 🙂 I want to just share the blessing of silence with all of you. I invite you to put some music, in fact, here is a little gift, which you can download. The audio-file is royalty free (and used on some of my meditations), and it contains Theta-Waves (please, don’t play while driving or using heavy machinery.) Play this audio… as you keep reading…

I love silence, I have always had. I recall hundreds of nights, laying down in bed in a pitch black room, no sound to a point to hear my heart beat (if I focused on it). Experiencing this has been a blessing my whole life, and it is for many. As a child, I have visited fantastic worlds, visualized the most incredible places to the limitless boundaries of imagination (yes, yours too, it only takes practice!) It was unbelievable…

As an adult is a blessing to still lurk within these worlds, but have learned to use silence as a powerful tool (“Brain Time”), and you can refer to it in an earlier post. It is amazing the impact it brings to your life… Society misunderstands silence a lot, yet incredibly powerful…

It has reached a point that it becomes addictive. I also enjoy listening to some sweet music now and then. Who doesn’t? But even when I feel for some music, I often end up forgetting to play the music. Silence has become the standard state of my mind, and this can happen to your mind also. How? Just find times in your days to sit down and relax. Just listen to the silence, shut down as many stimuli as you can.

You will crave for these moments; you will cherish them. You still will socialize, enjoy company, enjoy your friends and do a normal life, you don’t need to become a hermit, in fact, that would be unhealthy… However, adding these times of silence in your life will be a tremendous gift to yourself. Silence will be a part of you, you will love it, and your mind will love it. You will know to find the right moments for it.

I am sure you enjoy those moments where you might find yourself in bed, no noise at all, just relaxation.. it feels blissful, doesn’t? Well, you can make it happen once or twice a day when you have the opportunity 🙂 It is easy, and it even saves money (you save of power.)


This and more, next week! I hope you have a wonderful week!


Much Love & Light.

Lots of blessings and abundance your way!

Rev. Fernando Albert

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