A little about my work:

Powerful meditations inspired and channeled through my Spirit Guides. Experience the vibration and frequency of my voice, focus on the intention to bring healing. Connect with yourself and travel to places you have never been before. You can meet your Spirit Guides, or you can visit your Akashic Records if you desire. This is just some of the few amazing things you can achieve through meditation.

All the meditations are charged with Reiki and White Light Energy. These also come packed with subliminal messages with positive affirmations as well as theta brainwaves, which added to my voice and some nice background music, you will reach a deeper state of relaxation faster and easier.

Since I want to make sure that you love my meditations before buying one, I want to give off a welcome gift! A completely free guided meditation. A great 13 minutes guided meditation where you can experience everything I am explaining here.

It is a brief yet powerful meditation to bring balance and harmony to your Chakras. It comes with Theta Brainwaves as well as the following silent subliminal messages: “I am Light,” “My Chakras are in the balance” “I am healthy and happy.” Experience now completely free your first meditation clicking below, and in a few seconds, the meditation will be downloaded on your device.


You can find out more about each meditation clicking right on the images. You will access the specifications as well as the ability to purchase a copy. If you have any questions, please let me know, and I will be pleased to help!

I hope you enjoy these meditations!

I wish abundance and Healing for you and your loved ones!




If you have any issues when trying to buy something, please let me know:

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