Our Higherself. Who or what it is exactly?

Hi everybody!! Last week we were talking about the ego and how it affects us in life and in our spiritual, professional or personal development. This week we are going to talk about another of our “partners”, the Higher Self. In many ways, it is totally opposed to the ego, since our Higher Self does not care about our safety, but our development and evolution. In some cases, the Higher Self will do everything possible to help us break a block or problem.


Who or what is our Higher Self?

Our Higher Self is, for simplicity, an ethereal version of our physical body. In a way, it has its own consciousness, which is directly connected to our own consciousness. We can see our Higher self as a copy of our physical appearance, usually of larger size and somewhat transparent. The Higher Self can be channeled to obtain information, so in a way, we can communicate with our Higher Self.


How does it affect us?

The Higher Self has only one goal; situations where you always win. Unlike the ego, which only cares about our safety, the Higher Self will try, by all means, to make you grow in life in the best and quickest possible way. The Higher Self already knows if you are going to be able to face a specific challenge and overcome it, therefore, it will do its best to make it so. Do you remember the article from last week? He talked about how the ego was going to try to prevent you from accepting that new position in your work (you can read more here). Well, the Higher Self is going to push you to accept that position, if it is for the greater of your purposes.

Especially when we speak of spiritual development, the Higher Self will push us to accept our spiritual gifts and develop them to the fullest. The ego is not able to see or understand the spiritual plane or our spiritual gifts, since it sees it as a danger and will avoid at all costs that we take this road. It is the Higher Self that will push us to make the right decisions so we can continue to grow. I can assure you from my own experience, that as you grow, you will understand much better what your Higher Self is telling you.

The Higher Self can see and understand that, through numerous lives, we are learning lessons. Therefore, it does not care if you have to make a very high sacrifice, especially if that sacrifice results in optimal development in any area of ​​your life (a job, a relationship, an attitude). This, in some cases may be a displeasure for us (and especially for the ego) but the Higher Self knows that we can cope with that challenge and that it also is for the best of our purposes.

We can connect with our Higher Self and receive information and confirmation about our progress in life. This will give us a greater advantage, if our ego “is in between” and gives us false signs of danger. Channeling is a good way to access your Higher Self, but I want to share an easier method for everyone: meditation.

You can now get a guided meditation that will help you to connect with your Higher Self, in addition to receiving many other benefits. You can find more information by clicking on the image below:

And that is all! It was a short article since I wanted to get straight to the point. Nowadays there are many complications, many labels and too much babble when it comes to seeking help with psychic assistance. Next week I want to talk about the best way to ask for and receive such help. This way, you will always get the best result when you receive psychic readings regardless of the psychic. But all this, in a week. See you around!


Much Love & Light.

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