Tapping our Shadow side. An important source of information.

Hello everyone! How’s the week going so far? Today I am going to talk about something perhaps unfamiliar, or even somewhat, evaded. However, as you could read in an earlier article, our shadow side can be an important source of information. It is important to access our shadow side with other sources of information such as Spirit Guides, Akashic Records, etc.

But … exactly, what is our shadow side?

Over the years and many lives on this planet we have had wonderful, terrible and everything-in-between experiences. All of this, as you well know, is recorded in your Akashic Records and obviously, your guides can be aware as well. However, there are situations (usually negative) that are very traumatic or harsh for our soul and consciousness. These are sent to our subconscious and stored there. Traumas, our deepest fears and blockages (usually personal and professional) are some of the problems we can find in the subconscious.

The shadow side is an “escape route” for our consciousness and soul. Thanks to this, we can leave behind problems and traumas, even entire lives if they are very bad. In this way, we do not “go crazy” and are more resistant to problems of depression and other traumas.

So, what is the purpose of accessing this information?

As I was commenting, the shadow side stores negative and traumatic information. This does not mean that the problem has been learned, eliminated or cured. We continue to carry inside of us this problem, and in certain situations, it can affect us negatively. After thousands of psychic readings, I have found that working on our shadow side, seeking the “why” of such traumas, is when we come to healing.


Actually, the purpose of a psychic reading is not to seek a response (though this would be the most obvious), but to find healing. Whether it is a problem in your life, with another person, in your work or simply if you are looking for personal development, the shadow side is a great example as you will mainly find things “pending healing”. To heal them we must first understand them, then accept them as our own (as they may have been denied by self-protection) and take the necessary steps to eliminate those problems and find healing.

But if the information is repressed and sealed there, would not it be better to ignore it?

This is the main mechanism on our shadow side, but that does not mean it’s good. These fears and traumas are carried within you, and although they seemingly do not affect you in your life, you may encounter situations where you awaken such fears. Therefore, it is extremely important to eliminate them. I, in fact, have found many answers to questions in psychic readings thanks to the shadow side.

When we have a block or it seems that we have reached a dead end is where it is important to focus on our shadow side, since it is possible that we are reliving a situation like a previous trauma. Until you understand the situation and heal that problem, you will encounter that blockage, or even, you could revive the same traumatic situation. This happens for your own personal and spiritual growth and healing. It’s what we call, “a teaching of life.” Accessing and understanding our shadow side will help us a lot when we want to heal trauma.

And here we are! What do you think about the shadow side? Did you know before its existence? The truth is that is a very interesting, but very important issue for our personal, professional and spiritual development. And since we are in this line of sources of information, next week I will talk about the Tarot 🙂 Do not miss it!


Much Love & Light.

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  1. Trish says:

    Another wonderful and fascinating article Fernando! I always look forward to these. Thank you for the empowering information. Namaste

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